Google Glass hasn’t been as well-received as the company would have hoped, and now with products like the Recon Jet from Recon Instruments entering the fray, it’s about to get that much tougher for the company to turn it around. What Recon Jet brings to the table that GG didn’t: it’s designed for athletes and active people who don’t have the time to worry about their expensive piece of wearable tech falling off their faces and smashing into a million tiny bits.

As the future of sunglasses, Recon Jet protects the eyes while delivering a pleasant, non-intrusive UX that allows cyclists and joggers to go hard, stay connected to their favorite apps, and quickly and accurately gauge the effectiveness of their exertion. Social media, performance metrics, weather — you name it, the developer-friendly hardware operates on an Android platform and leaves endless possibility to future software applications. Better act fast, though. The price we show is good only until July 21. After that, it bumps to $599.

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Recon Jet Wearable Tech For Athletes
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