Here is something for all you guys out there who can actually grow great facial hair. Among you I am not, and I’ve always hated each and every one of you just a little bit for that very reason. Well, relations aren’t getting any better between us with the RazorPit. While I used to be able to take solace in the fact that a box of razor cartridges could last for months in my home, while you poor dolts had to pay exorbitant replacement fees every few weeks, now you guys can extend the life of one razor cartridge to a staggering 150 shaves, according to the Grooming Lounge, where these are sold.

All you do is spray some shaving cream into the pit and push the blade down away from you.

(This is the opposite direction used to shave your face.)

Do that, and in a few seconds, the life expectancy on your razor cartridge explodes. I guess I can still take comfort from the fact that a box now lasts me over a year, but, surprisingly, that does little for my self-esteem.

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