Gotta say, this inStash writer is guilty as charged when it comes to not taking my class and sophistication seriously. Usually I buy disposable razors that cut my face to pieces, which I compensate for by not shaving until my wife refuses all physical contact of any kind. Don’t be like me, fellas. Get you something that can actually cut the hairs on your face without turning your face into ground beef.

The RazorMD Well-Mannered Groom Kit is a classy option. It boasts a laser engraved handle that can be used for both the blade and the brush to make sure your face is smooth and your mouth doesn’t smell like a hamper. Obviously, you’ll want to use other RazorMD products for the best fit, though the chrome-plated carrying case should work with anything comparable to what comes inside.

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RazorMD Well-Mannered Groom Kit
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