The Razor Turbo Jetts are motorized electric heel wheels that come with a single powered skate and one that’s non-powered. Riding the Razor Turbo Jetts using the recommended instructions can make it easier to balance and minimize the learning curve. Both skates are built on a polymer frame that is attached to the back of your shoe. It also has a hook-and-loop high-quality strap that secures everything to your footwear. The powered skate also provides an additional housing closure for the motor and battery.

When used, the rear wheel of the powered skate is built to be slightly positioned above the ground. With this, the Razor Turbo Jetts allows you to walk normally despite wearing it. To start your skating experience, just place the powered foot out front and slightly raise the tip of your toes. The moment the rear wheel touches the ground you’ll already be up and running. The 80-watt electric-driven motor immediately activates. It then propels you to move forward at a maximum speed of 10 mph.

The Razor Turbo Jetts can fit all ages. Everyone with a size 12 can ride these awesome skates. The skates also have a 12-volt battery pack that can be swapped, so carrying one of these allows you to cover long distances. Like any motorized “rideable,” you’ll need a lot of learning curve before you can truly ride on the Turbo Jetts. Do note that it will take a few hours to maintain your balance and get the hang of how they feel.

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Razor Turbo Jetts: A Motorized Skateboard and Hoverboard Alternative
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