We don’t know what it is with Razer that it’s naming most, if not all, of its projects after a woman (we had Valerie, and this time it’s Linda), but we do know that every concept they got is something that keeps us on the edges of our seats.

Like the Valerie, for example. It could have been the first triple display laptop because killing your nemesis on a single screen is too boring. Sadly, this never went into production and is believed to be stolen and is now for sale somewhere in China. Really, China? You think we’ll never find out?

But anyway, let’s move on to another brilliant concept from Razer called the Project Linda.

project linda

In a nutshell, Linda is an extension of Razer’s phone. And when we say extension, we mean a laptop extension of the phone. In other words, Project Linda will turn your Razer Phone into a fully functional gaming laptop.

But there’s a catch.

The laptop runs the phone’s OS. So you can only run apps compatible with the phone. It’s kinda like Windows Continuum only it’s Android. Plus, with Project Linda, you have to integrate your Razer phone right into the laptop’s body and connect via the adjustable USB Type-C connector. It may then function as the touchpad for your laptop.

Project Linda includes a fully functional  13.3-inch display, a Razer Chroma keyboard, USB 2.0 ports, 200 GB storage, webcam, and a microphone. All of these are enclosed in a clamshell. Project Linda will also use the phone’s Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity.

Sadly though, the prototype shown doesn’t have extra speakers meaning you have to rely on your Razer phone for sound. Alternately, you may connect it to external speakers via the soon-to-be-added 3.5mm jack.

Pricing and availability are still to be announced. Meanwhile, Razer is keen on ironing out other details and capacities of Project Linda such as its refresh rate and display resolution that should match what’s on the phone.


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