The CES 2018 has once again proved that with determination, creativity, and hard work, the possibilities are endless. Proof to that are the incredible concepts and projects displayed on each booth, and Razer is one of these conceptualizers that has caught our eye.

We all know Razer as the ultimate gaming software, hardware, and everything in between provider, and what we like most about it is they don’t stop merely at providing. They give us options not only for the sake of giving but also making sure we get full gaming experience every time.

Take the Razer Leviathan for example. Just when we thought we’re stuck to our gaming headsets for the rest of our lives, along comes this beast and gave us all the rattle-boom we never thought we needed.

Moving on to our main topic for today, the Razer Mamba HyperFlux Mouse is another revolutionary device from the company solely because it’s wireless yet it doesn’t need a battery to operate.

How so?

The Firefly Hyperflux or the charging mat is the answer.

If it doesn’t have a battery, why the need for a charging mat you ask? Well, that’s because this mousepad creates the magnetic field that powers the mouse. It’s somehow like Logitech’s Powerplay except that the Firefly HyperFlux doesn’t have a battery to charge. Instead, it creates the power the mouse needs so that it can work.

But don’t worry about getting disconnected when you accidentally lift Mamba off the Firefly. Joe Shields from AnandTech cited Andrew of Toms guide saying “it holds the tiniest bit of charge before powering off.”

What’s more, the Firefly has two sides with different textures—one hard and the other cloth—for your varying friction needs.

In case a wireless, battery-less mouse doesn’t really float your boat, you may switch to the wired mode using the 6.9’ cable that comes with it.

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