Ravean is back to get your support for its new jacket concept: the Ravean Rugged. Its main concept is highly similar to its first heated jacket project, only it’s supposed to be more rugged (hence the name). But actually, there are more iterations.

Ravean Rugged is also a lightweight heated jacket but its heating devices are now placed on the chest, back, and thumbhole cuffs. Plus, they cover bigger areas.

The first Ravean heated jacket had heat panels on the back and chest areas, but they’re smaller. There were no heat panels on the cuff are; instead, they were placed in the pocket area located at the bottom.

Since there were no heated cuffs before, your option was to purchase heated gloves as add-ons. For the Ravean Rugged, however, you can keep your hands warm without wearing any extra habiliment.

It is also powered by a 12 V battery system although the battery life lasts shorter than the previous design. The latter could last up to 10 hours on the low setting and 3.15 hours on the high setting, but the Rugged lasts only 6.5 hours and 2.2 hours respectively.

Another change done is the addition of a battery pocket. The previous jacket had one; the Ravean Rugged has two. However, the number of times you can recharge your phone is lower. It’s now 3 down from 6.

It didn’t mention if that’s because the heat panels are now bigger and there are additional panels on the cuff area, hence it eats more power or the ampere-hour is lower.

Whatever the reason is, we think charging your phone 3 times should be enough to last you a day or two.

Also, a nice iteration to the Ravean Rugged is its compatibility with major tool batteries. Hence, if you don’t like what comes with the jacket, you may use your own.

Lastly, this new jacket is no longer made of down materials. However, it’s still water resistant and durable.

Backing up this project now sets you back $169.

Here is it’s promotional video:

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