Combining a rake and a shovel in a single gardening tool offers a whole world of new advantages. With the Rake Assassin, you can have a killer gardening tool that can haul, dump, skim, collects, and rake pretty much anything of reasonable weight and size, of course. It’s a super handy tool for property owners and professional landscapers alike.

The rake assassin has a head that combines the scoop of a shovel with the teeth of a rake. By this, the rake can be used to draw in fallen leaves and cut grass together like an ordinary rake. However, you can scoop them up quickly like a shovel does. Hence, you’ll only have to carry one gardening tool.

Although the rake’s teeth are about half an inch apart, it can draw and scoop most leaves and cut grass without any problem. According to the rake’s structure, this killer gardening tool can clean every imaginable garden waste, from moss, weeds, fallen leaves, and mowed grass. The best part of using this tool is that it’s not only limited to backyards and lawns. It can even be used in garden ponds, gravel, sand, trails, and flower beds. If you want to immediately clean up beer cans that were scattered around the beach, gather fallen fruits, and clean out all the horse poop in your stable, the Rake Assassin is the perfect tool to do the job.

This killer gardening tool is 59 inches long which allows you to rake and scoop up anything that was left scattered on the ground. Apart from being a long rake, it only weighs 1.75 pounds because it’s made of lightweight aluminum. The teeth are made of polypropylene so you can use it without exerting much effort. Even your kids can control it so there will no longer be excuses on not to clean your backyard or lawn.

Additionally, the Rake Assassin has a D-handle at its end so you can easily get a hold of it when you’re raking or scooping up heavy items.




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Rake Assassin: A Killer Gardening Tool That’s Both a Shovel and a Rake
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