Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller gives you the power to take control of your watering. No more wet days for you since the ultimate sprinkle controller is now on the market. Aside from taking control of your watering via the sprinklers, Rachio's Smart Sprinkler Controller allows you to take control of your water bills.

The sprinkler controller can turn your sun exposure, plant and soil types, and local forecasts into a personalized watering schedule. You can water your plants only when needed and easily skip it with its Rachio Wi-Fi controller.

It also has 2 sensor ports for flow, rain, and freeze so it can precisely determine the watering scheme for the day. Similarly, one of its best-in-class features is that a waterproof enclosure is made available for protection.

This awesome device lets you monitor your yard, even when you're on vacation. With Rachio's Sprinkler Controller app, you can simply check and adjust your watering schedule. You will even receive notifications when the app detects a change in the weather.

The Rachio system remains as it is. You simply have to change your existing sprinkler controller and install an iOS or Android app. You can also use the Web interface to connect the device to your Wi-Fi router. After which, the controller will detect the humidity or local weather and you can now personalize your watering schedule.

In addition, the new Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller has a voice-activated feature. You simply need to have an Amazon Echo. Once you have it, you can tell Alexa, the digital assistant, to turn your sprinklers on or off. It also includes smart home integrations such as Wink, Nexia, Control4, and Nest.

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller is also an EPA WaterSense Certified and rebates are available for homeowners.

Saving water and cash at the same time is an important thing. With Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller, you can get a 50% decrease in your water bill while maintaining your green, healthy and beautiful yard.




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Rachio's New Sprinkler Controller Has Voice Control Using Amazon Echo
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