When we talk about drones, more often than not, we refer to the quadcopters we maneuver just so we can get an aerial view of a place. We often forget the marine lives that need some observation in a wider picture too.

But this year’s CES 2018 Innovation Award winner made that their priority. QYSEA FiFish P3, as the title and the context suggests, is an underwater drone that “ claims to be the first truly professional underwater robot and takes underwater drone exploration to a whole new level,” writes Ali Vaqar of Wonderful Engineering.

FIFISH P3 features 4K underwater camera, 1-inch Sony CMOS sensor, 4000 lumens LED lights with 8 levels of adjustable brightness, maximum ISO of 12800, F2.8 underwater aperture, 8-glass lens, and a wide 162-degree field of view. Simply put, this is the underwater camera you are looking for. Throw away the other digital action cameras you that need to be placed in a waterproof case so you can shoot underwater. The FIFISH P3 has got you covered.

What’s more, you don’t actually have to dive with P3 just so you can catch a glimpse of what’s happening down under. FIFISH P3 comes with a controller that guarantees smooth and accurate movements thanks to its sensitive control stick and pre-programmed speed modes. It’s compatible with all smartphones and 7.9” tablets too.

P3 is powered by three thrusters allowing it to move steadily at 1.5 m/s and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 2 hours. This underwater robot/drone is also well-engineered to withstand different and varying temperatures, shock, and other underwater stress. Plus, it’s completely leakproof.

FIFISH P3 measures 183mm x 492mm and weighs 6 KG. Pricing as of this writing is not yet announced, but it’s expected to retail around $3000. If you’re interested, head on to their site by clicking the “buy” button below and sign up for updates from QYSEA directly.

Meanwhile, check out some of its sample footage here:

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