Don’t get us wrong, we’re as devoted barbeque fanatics as the next guy—but “Barbeque” cologne? Seriously?

Apparently, much to the horror of scent designers just about everywhere, it is so. Similar to the previously featured, almost hilariously absurd (yes, it too is the real deal) Bacon Cologne by Fargginay, Que “Eau de Barbeque” (priceless…just priceless) is a concoction of smokey meat, sweet spices, and “summer sweat” (umm…) for the avid grill-master (or redneck, take your pick) in all of us.

But hey, who or whose product are we to judge? Just be mindful: Sporting Eau de Barbeque likely won’t attract members of the opposite sex, but ‘ole Fido’s (the family pet) going to have a new-found interest in you!

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