If you’re like most people with a smartphone, you use it for everything: as a SatNav while driving, an alarm clock while sleeping, a shopping list while shopping, and a scorecard while playing sports. The list goes on. You may even use it for the odd phone call too.

As such, there are probably times you wish you could harness your device in a fixed position, be it on your bike, on the dashboard of your car, or generally harnessed to a wall somewhere allowing your hands to remain free.

Other solutions are bulky or require you to remove your smartphone from an existing case, the exact annoyances that Quad Lock™ avoids. Instead, The Quad Lock™ system features a sleek protective case for use all the time, which then attaches to wherever you’ve positioned your mount.

Mounts can be added to bars or flat surfaces (either by screw or the supplied adhesives) then with a simple twist and click you can harness your device onto the mount, either in a landscape or portrait position, making it compatible with various apps.

It’s an incredibly simple but effective design, absolutely perfect for many situations.

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Quad Lockâ„¢ Mounting System
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