The wearable tech space is getting so crowded that it’s hard to keep track of who precisely is manufacturing fitness trackers these days. In order to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, a number of manufacturers are opting to focus on making the best tracker for a given sport. So far we’ve seen swimming trackers and cycling trackers, running trackers and weight lifting trackers; but where’s the tracker for racket sports? We’re talking badminton, tennis, squash and ping pong. Doesn’t the world deserve a tracker that will serve as your score keeper, score announcer, match historian, and opponent finder?

Pulse Play

Tel-Aviv based sFBI thinks so. That’s why they’ve created Pulse Play, a fitness tracker which will do all of those things and more such as help you find new opponents and rank you amongst Pulse Play users. The band itself is solidly constructed so it won’t, y’know fall apart during a particularly active match or anything, and it comes in 8 colors. You can preorder one today for just $50 and shipping is slated to begin in September if Pulse Play can achieve its funding goals on Indiegogo.

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Pulse Play Is A Fitness Tracker For Racket Sports
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