If you’re serious about photography then chances are that you’ve invested quite a bit of money into a decent camera setup by now. Still, there’s one piece of your setup that you’ve probably been missing: a decent remote control. Sure, some higher-end DSLRs come with their own remotes but if you’re not hardcore enough to invest thousands of dollars then you’ve been feeling downright dejected.


If all of this sounds like you then allow us let you in on a little secret called ‘Pulse’. Pulse is the most powerful way to control your digital camera from your smartphone. Plugging straight into your camera’s USB port, you’ll be able to revel in complete creative freedom as you remotely capture what’s bound to be some of your most impressive photos. Another great feature of Pulse is the added ability to do some great time lapse and night photography. Since both of these types of photos require one to be absolutely still they almost necessitate the use of a remote control which, thanks to Pulse, will be the very same smartphone which you already keep in your pocket.

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Pulse Is Your Universal Camera Smartphone Remote
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