Let us be the ones to break the bad news to you: your wallet isn’t very secure. Nowadays, ever since we were sold on the promise of chip cards, the fact of the matter is that any joe-schmo can use an RFID-reader in order to steal your credit card information and possibly even your identity.


It doesn’t have to come to that, though. If you invest in your very own TYNI WALLET, you can prevent evil-doers from doing what they want with your accounts and your data. While the wallet itself features RFID-blocking tech as a highlight of its capabilities, its also a very competent wallet in every other respect. For example, its slim and minimalistic construction make it so that it can easily look stylish with both your casual and your elegant outfits. It also has cash slots for easy access as well as functionally designed card slots for every day use.

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Protect Your Credit Card Information With TYNI RFID-Blocking WALLET
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