Remember the pretty-much default standard for taking and developing pictures and now (basically) defunct technology called “35mm?” If so, we regret to inform you that, well, most young teenagers nowadays don’t even know what that is. Feel old yet? Let’s digress, though.

The Projecteo Tiny Instagram Projector converts Instagrams into tiny, 35mm wheel-slides and projects them using the almost-ridiculously small projector. The slides are uploaded online, whereby the manufacturer (or some third party) develops each one onto single-frame, stock Kodak film that stores up to nine photos per slide. When you receive your retro-tastic 35mm slides, just pop them into Projecteo, focus them using the lens barrel, and enjoy the up-to three feet projection slideshow. Claims the inventor, since Projecteo Instagram slides have no pixels, the common issue (with digital pictures) of pixelation  is completely moot. Oh, and it comes with “cute little feet” (snark: their words, not ours) for effortless placement on nearly any surface.

Although we, the (wannabe) tech savvy folks at inStash, can’t for the life of us imagine there being a huge market for the Projecteo, it just may give – cough – older folks yet another reason to claim that “35mm ain’t dead yet.”

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Projecteo Tiny Instagram Projector
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