From the same creators of The Streets of Monaco Superyacht comes Project Utopia, a floating island.

While the idea resembles that of an oil rig, the design is anything but. Call it a yacht, a building, an island… whatever you like. This beautiful piece of circular construction is 330 feet in diameter, has 11 decks of living space and the equivalent floorspace of a present-day cruise liner. Additional features include:

  • Retractable glass canopy covering the top decks
  • A top floor pool deck that becomes an outdoor pool when the glass canopy is opened
  • Four platform legs that anchor the structure into place, ensuring stability even in the most extreme weather conditions
  • Propellers on each platform leg, that allows the island to move in a slow, steady manner.
  • Four helicopter pads for access to the island
  • Multiple wet docks capable of housing boats and jet skis for recreational use

Project Utopia is currently envisioned as a mix of retail areas, theaters, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and a casino… but we can definitely see ourselves living on one, just as soon as we make our first billion.

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Project Utopia | Floating Island
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