We’re always in the market for the latest and greatest charging technology for our mobile devices, and there are definitely a lot of great products to choose from. The latest that comes to mind is the PowerStick+, now available from PowerStick.com. This handy little dongle will charge in any USB port, letting you know of its progress via the clearly visible fuel gauge. When it’s fully charged, you can remove it from the port and connect it to virtually any mobile device for an emergency shot of power.

There is a 4GB version in case you want to use it as a flash drive. That costs $15 extra. But if you plan on using it simply as a charger, then it’s yours for the $70. Best of all, you can use your device while it’s charging, and the PowerStick+ is small and light enough where that won’t be such a chore.

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PowerStick+ Is A Handier Way To Charge
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