You’ve gotta love this.  Any time you have a pillow that does stuff, you’re robbing the bank.  The Power Pillow charges your i-pad or other device, right while your greasy head is resting on it.  And you don’t have to plug the pillow into the wall either.  It runs on batteries and slides into your device via USB.

The kickstarter product page says you can recharge your mind and body at the same time as your devices–may be a bit ambitious, but give it a shot.

The power pillow isn’t a dour pillow–it comes it a wide variety of colors and styles.  You’ve got paisley, interlocking squares, polka dots, triangles.

Apparently the idea came from a conversation between Geoff Martin and his brother in which the brother had an idea for a dishwasher.  Martin wanted his own idea, and it ended up being a pillow.  Can you throw the power pillow into the dishwasher?  We do not know.  Check out this new variation on the USB concept.

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