For some of us the first car bomb that we ever drank rendered us enable of experiencing car bombs 2 through 7 that same night, but that was in part because of the huge glass and shot combination. After you’ve had a few it’s pretty easy to look like an alcoholic dog with rabies as the juices flow down your shirt, your gullet capturing just enough to souse you up a little bit more. It’s messy business, but completely necessary to enjoy the experience of the car or jaeger bomb–until now.

Power Bomb Shot Cups are elegance compared to chaos. With a slightly oversized tumbler and shot glass on the inside, it’s easy to pour your bomb and take it straight without losing it all down your shirt, no matter how drunk you already are. These cups are made from a durable plastic that makes them reusable and impervious to chipping and damage as with traditional glass tumblers and shot glasses. Drink up, kids, there’s plenty more where these came from!

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Power Bomb Shot Cups
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