Well, if you had planned on spending the holidays lamenting your inability to afford a Porsche car, hold back the tears. With the Porsche Design Bobsleigh, you can proudly and confidently declare to all those Porsche car owners, “Eat my road grit liverlips!” (Thank you, Clark Griswold.) With this little creation from the German automaker–and we do mean “little” at under 9 pounds–you can quickly be zipping down a snowy embankment, icy wind in your air and all the neighborhood children envying your style and class.

The Porsche Design Bobsleigh is made of a sturdy advance composite and features runners that allow for better maneuvering. It really is like a set of parabolic skis for your ass. And with around 20 hours left until Christmas, there is still time to put this one under the tree. It’ll set you back about 265 smackers, but we suppose that beats the alternative for which the  company is known.

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Porsche Design Bobsleigh
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