To many people, nothing can be sadder than the selfie stick. Selfie stick use has gotten so bad that it’s actually been banned in some museums, sports stadiums, and other public venues. Luckily for those who want to take pictures of themselves while out and about town, there’s a new solution. Meet Pop Stick, a wristband selfie stick that’s based on the snap bracelets of the early 90s.

Pop STick

But wait, isn’t it called Pop Stick and not Pop Band? That’s right, while the device is worn as a wristband, it can then be unfurled into a small selfie stick that’s both lightweight and discreet. Furthermore, Pop Stick is totally waterproof so you can take your selfies from wherever you may be. It’s also customizable and you’ll be able to order Pop Stick patterns that fit with your fashion sense. You can preorder one of their 10 existing designs and colors today. Popstick will likely be shipping later on this year.

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Pop Stick Is The Selfie Stick Done Right
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