Guys like Bubba Watson and Steve Stricker make golf look easy. But for us mere mortals, golf is not easy. Golf is hard. Sometimes it’s pull-your-hair-out fling-your-club-at-the-nearest-pigeon frustrating. That’s why you should have no moral qualms about taking the honest way out: cheating.

Self-correcting golf balls are actually not a new idea. They were developed back in the 70’s by two “scientists”. (What branch of science that might be remains unclear. Golfology?) But the USGA decided that self-correcting balls made the game easier (duh!), so they were outlawed and removed from the market in 1985.

Well now they’re back, and you can reap the benefits of their patented dimple pattern that, it is claimed, reduces slices and hooks by up to 75%. You just point the arrow at the hole and swing, and the ball corrects its axis spin mid-flight, thereby making you feel like you’re a much better golfer than you really are and saving the lives of countless hair follicles and spectating birds.

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Polara Ultimate Straight | Self Correcting Golf Balls
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