What makes Plexus Wheel+ the world’s simplest back pain relief is the fact that it can produce several effects with only a single item. It can expand your chest, strengthen your core, massage your legs, open your hip muscle area, aligns your spine and release tightness, target pain between your shoulder blades, and relax your neck & shoulders to rid tension headaches.

Since back pain affects sleep, exercise, and daily tasks, it is essential that you address this issue and the only viable and effective solution is the Plexus Wheel+. It tractions your spine, releases pinched nerves, reduces bulging discs, and restores your spine to its natural curve. This back pain relief solution also deals with muscle problems in such a way that it can help break down scar tissue by mobilizing your joints and massaging out the tension in 4 directions.

The Plexus Wheel+ has different sizes with different purpose and pressure, these are:

  • 6” Deep Tissue – Deep tissue pressure; corrects posture; for your legs, back, and neck; targets deep knots; and the travel size is 1 pound
  • 10” Medium – Medium pressure; easy wall use; for your back and hips; massages tension; and it weighs 3 pounds.
  • 12” Gentle – Gentle pressure; easy on the entire spine; for your lower and upper back; spaces vertebrae; in home size; and weighs 4 pounds

The Plexus Wheel+ is ideal for people of all shapes and sizes. It’s also not difficult to use, just sit on the ground, raise your rear, and begin to roll. You can control the pressure on your back by the size of the wheel you use and how much body weight you choose to apply. Unlike the standard exercise ball, this back pain relief solution is stable and has been tested to hold up to 500 pounds, making it safe and stable.

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Plexus Wheel+: World’s Simplest Back Pain Relief
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