In terms of maintenance and durability, the Pipistrel Alpha Electro Airplane is the perfect electric power-plane that’s locally fun and educational. It is operated with an easy lever that allows the pilot and crew to place their focus on their piloting skills.

It is specifically designed to address the needs of every student in the flight school. The Pipistrel Alpha Electro Airplane has 1-hour endurance with an extra reserve in case of emergencies, exceptional 1000+ fpm climb, and short duration take-off distance. Additionally, it is enhanced for traffic-pattern operations. Thus, it has an excellent short-field landing and increased endurance.

According to the General Manager of Pipistrel, Ivo Boscarol, provides that “With the ever-growing cost of fuel it is time to rethink pilot training. Our solution is the first practical all-electric trainer! Technologies developed specially for this aircraft to cut the cost of ab-initio pilot training by as much as 70%, making flying more affordable than ever before. Being able to conduct training on smaller airfields closer to towns with zero C02 emissions and minimum noise is also a game changer!”

In addition to Ivo Boscarol’s statement, the Pipistrel Alpha Electro Airplane meets the standards for electric propulsion, ASTM LSA and microlight criteria. It is the 5th electric aircraft project and the second to result as a commercial product.

Other Pipistrel Alpha Electro Airplane features include 50+ KW at 2100 – 2400 rpm power, ground adjustable three-blade 1.65 m diameter propeller, 34.4 ft (10.5 m) wingspan, 102.4 sqft (9.51 m2) wing area, 11.8 sq.ft (1.1 m2) rudder area, 11.6 sq.ft (1.08 m2) horizontal tail area.

As for its performance, the Pipistrel Alpha Electro Airplane has 42 KCAS stall with flaps, 45 KCAS stall without flaps, 135 KIAS VNE, 15:1 best glide, 64 KIAS best glide ratio speed, up to 60 min (+ reserve) endurance, maneuvering speed       86 KIAS, 550 kg (1212 lb) max take-off weight (MTOW), and 200 kg payload.

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Pipistrel Alpha Electro Airplane: An Electric Power-plane Perfect for Training Schools
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