If you’ve ever tried a near-field trackers like Tile, then you already know how useful they can be. Unfortunately, if you need to keep tabs on something that moves around a whole lot more than a wallet or a set of keys, then you’re pretty much out of luck. Well, you’ve been out of luck — that is to say. Now that the Ping GPS Locator is on the scene, you’ll be able to check on the location of something nearby or across the globe.

You see, the Ping GPS locator employs more than just common Bluetooth tracking. As its name implies it also uses GPS in addition to a 3G cellular connection in order to provide accurate tracking of the item you want to keep track of at all times. Whether it’s a pet, your luggage, or even a child, it’ll provide well over 3 months of tracking on a single charge. More below.

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Ping GPS Locator Is A Fantastic Way To Track Objects Both Near And Far
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