From the “What will they think of next?” and “Will it give me brain cancer?” departments comes the Pillow Remote Control, a unique, six-in-one device that allows you remote control access to six different home theater components at once. Control your TV, VCR, satellite, cable, DVD player, and Audio, all without ever getting out of bed. Furthermore, forget about trying to find the remote, because you’ll never lose it again with this contraption.

In addition to functioning as a battery-operated remote control, the pillow is compatible with more than 500 devices, features fabric buttons that are easy to work, and makes for one helluva headrest. No word yet whether it’s compatible with the Bang & Olufsen 85-inch 3D HDTV, but we’ve gotta think so. Buy one of the latter anyway. Remember, it’s better to beg forgiveness not permission.

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Pillow Remote Control
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