Cue the commercial where one person exclaims, “You got your bike in my moped!” and another person yells, “You got your moped in my bike!” The PiCycle Electric Bike is a human-powered/electric bicycle hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds, depending on your ride.

Do you bike to work in nice clothes and don’t want to get all sweaty before the big meeting? Kick over to the electric side and the PiCycle does the work for you. Are you headed out on a weekend tour of your neighborhood and you want to get some exercise in? The PiCycle can function as a regular bike without any motor assistance required.

The PiCycle takes between 3.5 – 5 hours to charge, depending on the model purchased, which means you can take it to work, plug it in and it’ll be ready for the ride home. There’s also an iPhone app that monitors your travels and the condition of your bike.

PiMobility has developed quite a robust (and expensive) biking platform for both the novice and the professional rider.

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PiCycle Electric Bike
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