For some artists, the most challenging part of achieving a marvelous work-of-art involves the mixing of paint colors in order to attain that perfect shade. If you’re one of these artists, Picolor may be your ultimate paint buddy. It is a desktop tool that aids you in mixing the off-the-shelf paint colors to achieve that exact shade you’re looking for.

Picolor is a spectacular paint-mixing gadget that allows you to choose any color from its companion app. After you have chosen your preferred color, it will provide you with a tiny vial that contains an ink or paint you’ve chosen. It produces the exact color of your option and never fails to give you the exact same process to achieve such goal.

That’s right! With Picolor, you can now have an easy solution for getting the exact color shade. This paint-mixing device has an internal chamber that can hold 5 cartridges. Each cartridge holds a single color pigment specifically, yellow, magenta, cyan, white, black. Whether you’re painting on a canvass, wooden toy, or simply want to color your favorite things, the Picolor can produce 1 million different color shade options.

According to the Picolor team, the mixing and dispensing of your chosen color paint will take only a few seconds. Bear in mind that since it can produce the colors in seconds, the amount of paint is approximately 3 ml only. When viewed on a brighter side, it’s even better that this paint-mixing gadget only produces small amounts of paints so there will be no waste of your color pigments.

The Picolor paint-mixing device can produce marker ink, pen ink, and watercolor paint. Although it is only limited to these types of paints, the team is determined to give this device a wider scope. Sooner or later, it will produce oil paints, nail polish, acrylic paints, and paints for cars and homes.

As of April 12, 2018, Picolor’s Kickstarter campaign successfully raised $40,275 and it’s now successfully funded. If you’re interested, it has a planned retail price of $220.

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The Picolor is a Spectacular Paint-Mixing Device For Every Artist
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