Some of us have always believed that waking up effectively in the morning requires two screaming alarm clocks situated on opposite sides of the room. After all, sleep is so wonderful that the idea of waking up sucks a little too badly for us to wrap our brains around. In other words, if conditions are pleasant, we’re just going to snore it out as long as we can. However, the Philips Wake-Up Light has a different idea about morning rituals.

With the Philips Wake-Up Light, you are awakened from a simulated (and gradual) sunrise as the light itself grows brighter and brighter until you find yourself stirring out from beneath the covers with a song in your heart and a love for your fellow man. In addition to the light, the product boasts FM radio and two “pleasant” wake up sounds that are almost certainly a far cry from the tornado siren that yours truly has his army of clocks set to. If you trust the idea of waking up pleasantly, then you may want to give this a try. The rest of us will stick to our “life sucks” routines.

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Philips Wake-up Light
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