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Remember when shaving use to be such a chore? The glops of cream, the grimaces and mutters as the stubborn stubble wouldn’t smooth away. The shaving tool game has stepped up since the old days of watching Dad ‘tsk and tat’ with that old-fashioned razor. Now that we’re older, we understand what it feels like to have a clean-shaved face, and for all types of men, a clean-shaved body. Mangroomer’s Professional Body Groomer and Trimmer from Sharper Image is the ultimate gadget perfect for full body grooming.


The Professional Body Groomer and Trimmer is a rechargeable, cordless shaver. If you’re on the run and in need of a shave and a shower then the body groomer can join you. With a waterproof design, it allows for wet or dry use including an easy rinse clean. Convenient and comfortable, the ergonomic body design has a soft, rubberized grip for complete control and precision. Its multi-functional features include the Shock Absorber Flex Neck and Shaving Head. These key features are intended to make complete blade-to-skin contact all along the curves of the body. Long or short, the Trimmer and Foil blade is designed to effortlessly handle cutting hair wherever it may be. Might as well toss those other grooming tools, because all your necessities to achieve a well-kept look is in one device. The 2-in-1 advanced shaver is versatile and performs the trim and style you would want all-around. The adjustable trimmer has seven length settings. Do some manscaping with settings as close as 1/16th of an inch, resulting in a maintained shave along the underarms, chest, stomach, and groin. Mangroomer’s Power Burst Button will power right through grizzly hairs and leave a more desirable trial behind. After using, place on the charger base and the quick charge battery gives the shaver a boost to recharge.



Hair removal is growing in popularity for men. There are plenty of benefits for shaving multiple parts of the body such as your underarms, chest, stomach, or groin. Shaving in certain areas can increase athletic performance and muscle definition. If you’re having some issues with funk under the arms then it might be time to clip the sweat bush. Shaving armpits can improve issues with sweat and odor.

The one thing you would like out of a good body groomer is convenience and ease. Shaving can a bit of a hassle, especially when you have to try your best to avoid doing any damage to delicate parts. The Professional Body Groomer and Trimmer is the ideal shaving gadget for durability during a close shave. Going bald as the day you were born might not be everyone’s preference, but with the Mangroomer’s trim and style capabilities you can still get the well-groomed look desired.gr3


For the best performance against skin irritation, the hypoallergenic blades and foil run gently over sensitive skin. The Professional Body Groomer and Trimmer kicks the fear of eliminating unsightly body hairs even in the most intimate zones.  No sticky cream, no skin casualties, just fluid motions and smoothness. There’s no better way to shave.



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