New year, new calendar. If you’re tired of having to change your calendar year after year and want to make an aesthetic upgrade for your desk at the office then we very much suggest looking at buying your own Perpetuum Calendar. With a base that uses a sawtooth shape that’s been inspired by early 20th century factories, its 3D printed in your choice of either jet black nylon or gray metallic plastic while a 14K gold-plated timepiece marks the month and day.

Perpetuum Calendar does require manual moving, but the act of changing the dates will imbue you with a better sense of the passage of time itself. If you’re curious about learning more then make sure you check out the inStash Shop link below where you can order your own for $470. Yes, that’s more expensive than a traditional paper calendar, but this is art.

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Perpetuum Calendar Is A Reusable Calendar That'll Brighten Up Your Desk Decor
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