Live in a city where traveling by subway is the most efficient way of getting around? You’ve probably encountered one particular type of jerk: the person who keeps looking at your iPhone screen. While you might not be looking at bikini babes or anything, the annoyance that comes with this sort of blatant intrusion on your subway “me-time” can make you start the day in a rotten mood.


Privacy is important, and underrated by many in our society. If you’re ready to reclaim your privacy then make sure you get yourself your very own Peek Screen. Made out of polarized glass, Peek Screen makes it so that no one can see your screen unless they’re looking at it dead on. What’s more, since it’s made from tempered glass your phone will also experience added strength and durability, making it harder for the glass on your screen to crack when you accidentally drop your device.

Peek Screen is currently seeking crowdfunding. Make sure you support the project via the link below if you want this to become a reality.

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Peek Screen Makes Sure No One Sees What You're Browsing
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