Don’t count Pebble out just yet. While the plucky startup has been facing stiff competition from both Android Wear and Apple Watch alike, the company has recently doubled down its efforts in order to try and breakthrough to people who actually want to be able to use their smartwatch in broad daylight. Much like the Pebble Time, which debuted earlier this year, the new Pebble Time Round is a circular watch whose screen is made up of an e-Ink display. In terms of design, the Round is clearly the best looking smartwatch that Pebble has ever put out and that makes it a definite ‘buy’ for any fanboys out there.

Pebble Time Round

Like other Pebble devices, Round is compatible with both iOS and Android and can do all of the smartwatch-y things you’ve come to expect such as push notifications and activity tracking. Aside from telling the time, of course.

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Pebble Strikes Back With Time Round Smartwatch
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