Interesting in purchasing a 3D printer but don’t know where to start? We suggest researching Peachy Printer. Unlike other 3D printers which are cost prohibitive and take up a large space, Peachy Printer uses an innovative method called photolithography to create a 3D model of whatever design you’re looking to have printed. That controlled light source is then transferred to a piece of light-sensitive resin.



That’s not all, though. Peachy Printer also uses a forward-thinking timed water drip-feed that slowly fills the tank. This water supply comes from a salt-water tank at the top and runs though a syphon and valve. All of this might sound surprisingly simplistic in its design but such simple yet effective solutions are actually necessary when designing a 3D printer that costs as little as $100

Assembly of Peachy Printer is also remarkably simple. It uses a snap-on design which means that you’ll be able to get up and running in just minutes. If you’re looking to find out more about what Peachy Printer offers, make sure to check the link below.

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Peachy Is The Cheapest 3D Printer Ever
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