Pax Vaporize by Ploom promises a “delicious, satisfying vapor” for all of you who are trying to wean yourselves off smoking – or for anyone who just loves the scent of tobacco. This loose-leaf vaporizer possesses a near-cylindrical shape and a length and width that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, considerably different from the bulkiness and impracticality of the e-Cig movement.

The tobacco goes in the heat chamber and a retractable mouthpiece device tells the device to turn on or off. Couldn’t be more simple or portable than that. While the Pax allegedly gets hot, it does not get hot enough to cause full combustion, so no bad smells and no secondhand smoke. Finally, you can entertain guests again without feigning yourself into a nervous wreck. Light up!

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Pax Vaporize By Ploom
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