The more you find out about Paul Walker the more you realize that the Fast & Furious films were more than just a paycheck to him. He legitimately loved the culture that those movies represent, and it shows in the newly revealed Paul Walker Car Collection that Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire visited last year.

Walker apparently had two warehouses packed to the gills with numerous makes and models, including several Ferraris, Porsches, Mustangs, Saleen Mustangs, BMWs, and much, much more.

Farah, out of respect for the wishes of Walker, did not reveal the big Hollywood so-and-so who owned the two warehouses, but now that Walker is gone, he thought it might be a fitting tribute to spill the details.

(At least someone at The Smoking Tire did.)

Personally, we’re glad that this cat is finally out of the bag. Walker was gracious when it came to the Fast & Furious films, and this new revelation is only fitting given the fact that these films provided him with the means to pursue what was clearly such a passion for him.

You can just tell from Farah’s walkthrough that the man behind the two warehouses isn’t a pretender. Here, have a look:

As you can see, picking a favorite car from this collection is quite the task, especially when you consider that there are more than 100 rides stretched out across the two facilities. Farah does a fine job of trying to show us everything that the two warehouses have to offer, but it’s still almost too much.

Why would anyone need that many cars? Easy. They wouldn’t. But you get the distinct feeling that Walker did not purchase these cars based on need, but rather a deep respect and passion for the artistry and the functionality that went in to each ride.

In that spirit, today we’re going to pick our favorites from the video with the full knowledge that we may not have gotten to see everything due to the vast enormity of it all. Even so, we love these rides.


SA10 Saleen Mustang

Extremely rare beauty here. Not sure on the specs because this was likely customized, but we do know that Farah tells us wrong in the video. The one that Walker has runs on a 5.0L supercharged instead of the 351 Windsor cited. Heck of a car to look at, and Walker kept his looking meticulous.

nissan 370z fast five

Nissan 370Z Nismo: Fast Five

You had to know that the car used in Fast Five would be sitting right there in Paul Walker’s warehouse ready for him to take it out and blaze up the streets with or without a movie as an excuse. Sure enough, Farah found this one in the second warehouse. Unlike some of the other 370Z’s this one has more of a straight silver body style. With some, the hood is a darker inset charcoal than the rest of the body. Personally, we like the clean look of this one. It looks deceptively ordinary. (But seriously, don’t let that fool you. There’s nothing really tame about it. Just watch the movie.)


2013 Shelby GT500

The 2013 version sitting in Walker’s first warehouse may not be the fastest runner at the meet, but it does have some get-up-and-go thanks to the 662 horsepower it’s packing. The 631 lb.-ft of torque ensures proper handling, and if you ever really needed to skirt the bad guys, it goes from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds. Now, we have seen the zero to 60 threshold in the 2-second range before, but that’s pretty rare among cars. We’d say Shelby is above average.


Saleen S351 Speedster

Yet another rare car that you’ll find in the Paul Walker Car Collection, but when it comes to Saleen, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The F&F star had at least four Saleen’s that Farah was able to point out in the video above. We’d be willing to be there are a few more than that hiding in the proverbial couch cushions.


Porsche GT3RS

Walker actually owned a pair of these — the green you see above and the orange. You’ll have to forgive us on the year model and specs as Farah didn’t hit that on his walkthrough, but from what you could see on the video, we’re thinking these are somewhere in the 2006-2007 range, which would place them with 415 horses under the hood.

We’ll probably have to watch the video a few more times to pick up on every single car featured and be able to process it, but these were the ones that jumped out at us as real beauties. As for Paul Walker himself, the man will be missed. He had some terrific taste in rides, and you can tell he got a lot of joy out of them. Here’s how we prefer to remember him:

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