Paul Budnitz is the guy behind Kidrobot, makers of toys and clothing with a funky, pop culture artistic flair. He’s been wildly successful at that, but apparently not so successful at getting to work on time in traffic. Which is why he’s turned his attention to bicycles.

These babies are aimed squarely at design-conscious riders. They’re made out of super lightweight titanium, custom fabricated by one of the top Titanium frame makers in the world, in a unique split top-tube arc design that Budnitz says was inspired by classic Aston Martins. Naturally all the components are top-end, and if you treat them right, they’ll be with you long enough to pass down to your grandkids.

Two models are available. The “No.1” is a lightweight commuter, “lightweight” meaning the frame weighs about three pounds. And the unsurprisingly named “No. 2” has fatter tires and a softer look, what Budnitz calls a “BMX bike for adults”. Both have a unique and very appealing aesthetic that’s as impressive as the way they glide you to work.

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