Remember when a car stereo was really just what the name implied–a stereo for your car. An AM radio loosely connected to a couple of tinny speakers. Ah, those were the good old days.Wait, no they weren’t. That sucked. I’ll take the Asteroid from Parrot Technologies over that any day of the week. It’s powered by the same Android operating system that’s rocking the smart phone world, which means it can do all kinds of stuff that would have seemed like science fiction back in the days of 8-track.

Not only will it give you directions to the closest restaurant, movie theatre, or any other point of interest you want, it’ll also call the place for you to make a reservation, and keep track of traffic to steer you around any problems. It will list current gas prices at all the stations in your area so you can find the cheapest one. And it’s got a built-in app that warns you when a fixed or mobile speed camera is up ahead.

Oh yes, and in case you care, it plays music. It’s got a 4x55W amplifier, six RCA pre-outs, two RCA outputs for a sub-woofer, and all the usual Bluetooth, USB, and SD card connectivity for hooking up to your phone, iPod, or whatever your preference. Plus an FM tuner if you’re still into the whole radio thing.

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Parrot Asteroid | Android Powered Car Stereo
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