The Parrot Anafi Drone belongs to the newest generation of drones. It is the perfect go-to alternative for expensive drones to film spectacular and high-quality footage and shoot stunning photos, capturing the real beauty of life and the environment.

It is a flying 4K HDR camera that claims to deliver you with exclusive photo and video shooting capabilities thanks to its distinctive 2.8X lossless zoom and 180° tilt gimbal. It has a cohesive camera that delivers sharp 21MP photos and spectacular 4K HDR videos with 100Mbps bitrate. The drone's camera features the following capabilities:

  • Uses 17:9 Video Format
  • Has Wide-Angle Aspherical Lens
  • Improves every visible detail by minimizing excessive dark shadows and bright lights
  • Reduces chromatic aberrations and lens flair to capture beautiful images
  • Compatible with Adobe DNG/RAW
  • 35mm focal length equivalent: 23-69mm (photo), 26-78mm (video)
  • Wide-angle f/2.4 ASPH lens
  • 1/2.4'' 21MP CMOS Sony® Sensor
  • Camera tilts from -90° to +90° vertically

As for the 2.8X lossless zoom, it is equivalent to an optical zoom, allowing you to capture distant objects without any resolution loss. It also lets you change the focal length to get closer shots. With the Parrot Anafi Drone, you can shoot smooth footage using its 3-axis image stabilization. It combines the ultra-precise digital stabilization and integrated mechanical gimbal to amazingly capture smooth images and videos. The 3-axis image stabilization reduces the aliasing effect and vibrations.

The Parrot Anafi Drone is engineered with quiet and resistant parts, so it can withstand extreme weather conditions. Because of its advanced design, performance, and features, this ultra-compact foldable drone can fly and film videos for up to 25 minutes.

Additionally, it is designed to possess Artificial Intelligence (AI), so you can set it on automated flight modes. Likewise, it is designed in an ultra-compact foldable form, so you can easily and conveniently bring it anytime and anywhere you are.



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Shoot High-Quality Videos for 25 Minutes with this Parrot Anafi Drone
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