Yes, we have the phone and the wristwatches to tell us the time, but after taking a shower when we don’t have any gadget with us, it’s more convenient to just look up and see the time. And that sense of accomplishment you get from being able to read an analog clock is just out of this world. No? OK. But it’s still something.

The problem with traditional wall clocks, however, is the unnecessary detail on its face. There’s the brand name, the logo, the numbers in intricately written Roman numeral, and whatnot. It’s just too much (like the introduction in this post).


But Pao is not like that. With Pao, all you see is a Mentos-shaped clock mounted on your wall, with 12 dots, and hour hand, and minute hand—the only things you need to tell the time. It measures 3.35” x 2.5”, weighs about 400g, and is made of zinc alloy.

In fact, this clock is so minimalist you start to rethink about the unnecessary things in your life. Or at least during those few mini seconds you spend on reading the time.

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Pao Wall Clock is the Most Minimalistic Timekeeper We’ve Seen
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