The quest for the perfect panorama shot is within sight. The PanoPal is a panoramic motion control device that provides steady rotation for your smartphone. It helps you fit as much as possible into your sweeping photos of mountains, lakes, ocean sunsets, and big groups of people who are willing to hold still for a few seconds. It has an expandable holder that cradles in an upright position any smartphones up to 1.4-cm thick. You place the PanoPal on a flat surface, put your phone in the slot, open its panorama or video app, and capture your shot. It also includes a tripod mount for use with your traditional camera.

The PanoPal comes with either a radio-frequency remote for setting it in motion or a Bluetooth one that also includes a shutter button and buttons for selecting and playing music on your phone. A $40 contribution on Indiegogo gets you a PanoPal with the RF remote.

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