The Ostrich Pillow Light takes its cue from that great little invention known as the power nap, which can increase productivity by more than 30 percent for just a mere 20 minutes. The design is very simple yet effective at keeping the light out so you can catch some shuteye on those long commutes to and from work — unless you’re driving, of course — or on your next round-trip flight.

The pillow is filled with special silent silicon coated micro-beads to enhance sound reduction. It also remains lightweight and adjustable, thanks to its elastic ring allowing power-nappers of different sizes to use it comfortably. The carefully sourced fabric is soft, cozy, and allows you to doze off anywhere and everywhere. It’s also completely reversible eliminating the need to grope for the right side in the dark and giving us more options in case we accidentally stain one of the sides.

Speaking of stains, cleaning the pillow is also very easy. Spot cleaning with soap and water is all you need. Then, hang it dry.

Aside from the comfortable materials infused in this pillow, we like that it also addresses two of our most common complaints when dozing off in public or during our daily commute: lights and sound.

Hence, Studio Banana, the makers of Ostrich Pillow, incorporated a giant sleeping mask that also covers our ears so that the surrounding noise is reduced.

Ostrich Pillow Light was a campaign on Kickstarter and a very successful one at that. It received funding almost four times the needed amount. Now it is available on the inStash shop for only $45.

It measures 13.6″L x 5.7″W x 3.1″H and weighs about 10 oz. It comes in three colors: dreamtastic gray/ red, midnight reversible, and royal blue.

Studio Banana also created Ostrich Pillow mini, which turns your arm into a pillow, and the Ostrich Pillow which gives you more privacy when napping while making you look as if you shoved your head in a turkey’s a**. It’s comfortable nonetheless.

Editor’s note: This article was first published in October 2013 but has been revamped to ensure the content is up to date.

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