Well, we feel better about it in the sense that it’s not a one-man battery-operated helicopter, but not sure we’ll be hitting the rapids in the Oru Kayak Origami Folding Boat any time soon. Upon closer examination, the makers are rather upfront about its capabilities and encourage you to stick with flat water situations or “light waves.” So remember that, daredevils!

The Oru Kayak has a capacity of 260 pounds, which means that most couples would need two to enjoy a lazy day on the water. However, aside from the weight restriction, this Origami Floating Boat is surprisingly sturdy, featuring double-layered skin that can survive the bump here and there. Oru promises that under recommended conditions, this creation can last for many years – up to 20,000 folds with each corrugation increasing the actual strength. Now all you’ve got to do is lay off the corn dogs, or its sink-or-swim.

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Oru Kayak: The Origami Folding Boat
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