Dammit, Origin, you know I’ve got to work, right?

Then why do you do this to me? Why do you create the ultimate piece of entertainment in the Origin Big O, a PC-Xbox 360 hybrid that is guaranteed to shave hours off my productivity each week? Don’t you think about anyone other than yourself? Oh sure, you can point to the liquid cooling integration system that ensures this mix of high-powered personal computer and Xbox 360 Slim never gets too hot. You can tell me all you want about the astounding mix of lightning fast processing time and full access to PC/Xbox gaming as well as all that the web has to offer in way of free movies, TV shows, and sports, but really, what does that do for me, but screw up my work week even further?

At least you had the consideration to price this thing between $7,700 and $17,000, depending on levels of customization, so that the chances of me actually being able to afford it would prevent the almost certain elimination of my work week. It would, no doubt, take a lot of birthdays and articles to pay for you, but knowing that you’re out there, taunting me with your mad skills, just isn’t fair. I hate you, Origin. I really do.

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Origin Big O (PC-Xbox 360 Hybrid)
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