You read that title right. There is now a keyboard without keys much like how some want their cheeseburger without the cheese. It may sound odd, (well, it is odd) but this keyboard actually works and is fascinating.

As the name suggests, there are no keys. Instead, you get two mouse-like domes placed on the left and right sides of the board.

The left dome has the letters with color assignments, grouped into several sections; the right one has color zones.

To use, move the left dome to the group of letters where your chosen letter is placed then move the right dome to choose the color of the letter.

For example, in the group of letters A-E, A is orange, B is yellow, C is green, D is blue, and E is purple. If you want to choose E, you have to move the right dome to the purple color zone. That’s when the letter will be “typed.”

It’s peculiar, but studies show that this keyboard works better for people with autism. They can type faster with fewer errors using orbiTouch than when using the average QWERTY keyboard.

Want to be different but not full-pledged different? This gamer keyboard may be it.

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