Don’t you wish you had a personal assistant like in the movie Her? Your assistant could help you play media, control lights, control your Roomba, start your 3D Printer, and even fall in love with you. Okay, maybe not that last part. Anyhow, that’s the dream that the folks behind Mycroft is promising with their totally open source Arduino-based artificial intelligence.


Based on the popular Raspberry PI 2, Mycroft uses natural language processing to understand your voice commands. It integrates with online services like YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify as well as a number of Internet of Things gadgets in order to serve as a sort of “brain” which ties all of the tech in your life. With Mycroft, there’s no need to pull out your smart devices, log in, select a network, and load an app. If you want to hear your favorite music music, you can simply say “Mycroft, play ‘Happy’ from YouTube on my Chromecast” and seconds later your video will begin to play.

The potential behind Mycroft is so great that it’s difficult to contain it all in one bite-sized article. Check out their Kickstarter page today to learn more and pre-order your own. We guarantee that it’ll not only make your life easier, but will make you feel like you’re in something out of The Jetsons.

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Open Source Artificial Intelligence Is Finally Here With Mycroft
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