The state of your shave after shaving says a whole lot about you as a man. We’re certain you never quite realized it but your patience, attention to detail, and self-esteem can all be gauged by the quality of your shave. So, if you’re like us and want to give the best impression of yourself then you really need to invest in OneBlade’s innovative and award-winning single edge razor, available in the OneBlade CORE Edition Shave Set.


Providing barbershop=quality shaves while eliminating nicks and irritation, this shave set is more than just a razor and some foam. Inside the box you’ll find a USA-made OneBlade CORE pivoting single-edge razor in black with a stainless-steel core, along with a stylish black anodized aluminum razor display stand, a premium vegan shave brush, and a month’s worth of razor blades, moisturizing shave cream, and oil-free post shave repair gel.

If you’re ready for the best shave of your life — and that’s an inStash guarantee — then make sure you check out the link below.

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OneBlade CORE Offers Barbershop Quality Shaves At A Fraction Of The Price
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