Stop the presses: the ultimate external battery is here. Dubbed the OmniCharge, this device packs an impressive 20,400mAh battery which is not only able to charge your tablets, smartphones, and other smart devices but can and will also charge your laptops as well. While you might expect such a device to be massive and look like an unwieldy box, that couldn’t be farther from the truth when it comes to the OmniCharge. The entire device is little larger than your regular external battery pack and, yes, it can be fit into a pocket as well.


So just how long can your computer be charged for by the OmniCharge? If you head on over to the link below you’ll find a handy chart which outlines just that. Suffice to say that the larger of the two devices will be able to keep your laptop going for at least 9 hours, meaning that it’ll survive a transatlantic flight to Europe. Pretty impressive, eh?

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OmniCharge Will Charge Your Laptop For 9 Hours Straight
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