The Omegon Telescope MightyMak 60 is an elegant and sophisticated telescope with dual-functionality. It can be used for both nature and astronomy. So if you want to delve into the wonders of earth and space with only one telescope, you now can! This universal and compact telescope allows you to effortlessly use all types of observation and photography features that’ll make your activity worthwhile.

Just like the Vaonis Stellina potable smart telescope, the Omegon Telescope MightyMak 60 is also portable. It can even fit in almost any adventure bag you have. Apart from being a compact telescope, it can also capture an upright image of the stars and nature. With its coated front lens, this portable telescope has the ability to minimize reflections so you can fully capture a perfect image.

The aesthetics of the Omegon Telescope MightyMak 60 have been amazing. It has a stylish design that comes in glossy black with gold strips. This elegant and sophisticated telescope also has a T-2 thread with buffer ring to give you a precise fit when used with a camera. It permits you to connect your camera and capture photos at a long focal length. Because of its buffer ring, you are guaranteed to have that smooth and perfect docking to your telescope.

The GP prism rail allows you to fit the tripod and other necessary mounts with an excellent GP profile. Additionally, the durable finder shoe lets you connect the telescope’s finder. It is compatible with whatever popular finder scope you have. Hence, it gives you the option of whether you want an optical finder or just a simple red dot finder.

Due to its built-in coated Maksutov lens, you can have a predominantly sharp image with various contrast settings. There’s no difference whether you see a bear on the edge of the forest or the moon in the sky. The Omegon Telescope MightyMak 60 can provide you with multiple observing possibilities.

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Delve Into the Wonders of Earth & Space with the Omegon Telescope MightyMak 60
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